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Dr. Jeffery Eugene Thompkins Jr. PhD


I started this foundation due to having gone through personal trials, and not having the needed resources to help in my time of need. Being a single father, and dealing with a multitude of health issues for several years; I know what a tough time is. I can remember countless nights of laying in the hospital and getting comfort from planning to help those around me and our community. I can remember back to crying and staring in the face of my sleeping son, while being displaced and staying in a shelter not knowing where to go, or what to do. After gathering my own thoughts I put pen to paper and hatched a plan. There are definitely a lack of resources in the community, and less for those with any sort of income. I am looking to hit the ground running by bridging the gap and help those in need. I have worked in the field for several years while attaining my education and JET Foundation is a culmination of my life's journey coming full circle to start my own foundation to help our community.

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